Zahra Habib

Once upon a time, there was a negotiator…

This negotiator wasn’t just good at negotiating but was amazingly cute as well. Then one day the cute person came in contact with a creative baboon (aka Zahra Habib).

This baboon wasn’t just serious and dull but a bit of an eye roll as well; you get the picture right? Anyway, there was no comparison of these two and yet they became inseparable.

While the negotiator was making sure that everything in the relationship didn’t go to the dumps, the baboon continued to be the spoilsport. With time however, the negotiator not only won every argument, which was not a surprise at all, but managed to spark some life in the baboon as well.

So although the baboon was a great wordsmith and knew the art of words and the beauty of linking them together, none of that fancy artwork came to any use because the negotiator was very assertive and the baboon inevitably caved in every, single, time.

And that’s how my story actually goes.

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Zahra Habib